Gaming Carnival

It is basically a great collection of several mini games. It comes out to be good quantity and, as expected, the quality goes down. However, it is very attractive and can easily make one addicted. The pricing of the game pinches much. It is worth played by unprofessional players. Even little experienced will not have any kind of fun here. Main attraction of carnival is Frog Flipping.

The player is initially required to win the token which he can pay later for games. Here he designs an avatar and give it some customized features as desired. He can enter the carnival with that avatar.

There he makes the creature can also guide him as per the map available on top of the screen. It also guides to different games available at different locations. It is all about moving from place to place and entering different games.

In between you win some tokens and exchange them for purchase of certain accessories like wings. All such classical games available can be made into three different groups such as pure sugar, junk food and trash. Frog Leap is eligible only for the last category.

In this much addictive game boats, bird nests and lily pads travel in opposite direction through a canal. Something like a cannon ball, a duck or a frog will be featured in the bottom screen. Basically the player will have to force frogs towards lily pads, cannonballs towards the boats and ducks towards the nests. Initially players may find it little difficult. Later, with a little practice, players can develop some hitting skills and get addicted to this not worth game.

There are several other games included in the junk food category such as Bubble Gum Battle (Blowing green light and red light), RC Raceway (car racing along three tacks), Clown Bonk, Hoops (hitting a target after tapping three buttons), Clown Splash (Shooting of water into the mouth of clown after developing enough pressure), Wild West Showdown (Shooting event looks like carnival) and finally Going Nuts. It is all to hit big scores.